MailMentor Use Cases

Here are the different ways you can use MailMentor in your daily workflow.

Use Case

Using B2B Case Studies

MailMentor's chrome extension allows you to automatically incorporate b2b case studies into outreach emails. Take a look at the demo below to see how this works.

Use Case

AI Email Writer

MailMentor's AI email writer creates sales messages for you. You can also use the email-generator to turn any sales message into a sequence of messages with a few clicks. Watch the demo below.

Use Case

Finding Podcast Hosts

Use the MailMentor extension to easily find podcast hosts for outreach on LinkedIn. This tutorial walks you through the entire process: from installation to auto-collection of contacts. If you're eager to expand your network or pitch your ideas to podcasters, understanding how to efficiently use MailMentor could be your game-changer.