Using B2B Case Studies

MailMentor's chrome extension allows you to automatically incorporate b2b case studies into outreach emails. Take a look at the demo below to see how this works.


Frequently asked questions about MailMentor's chrome extension

    • What is the primary purpose of using case studies with the MailMentor tool?

      The primary purpose is to enhance and personalize outreach messages. By using case studies, MailMentor extracts relevant pieces of information, providing context and historical proof in your communication, which resonates better with potential clients.

    • How does MailMentor process case studies uploaded by users?

      Once a case study, like a PDF, is uploaded to MailMentor, it undergoes a background processing where the tool scans, summarizes, and identifies key pieces of information to be used in outreach messages.

    • Do I need to manually extract information from the case studies to use in the outreach?

      No. MailMentor's browser plugin automatically extracts and summarizes relevant information from the uploaded case studies, drafting a personalized outreach message for you.

    • Can I upload multiple case studies to MailMentor?

      Yes, you can upload multiple case studies. MailMentor scans all the uploaded case studies to find the best matches and overlaps with a prospect's website information.

    • How does MailMentor ensure the relevance of the case study information in the drafted message?

      MailMentor scans the prospect's website and compares it with the uploaded case studies. It identifies overlaps and differences to ensure the drafted message contains relevant and personalized information for the prospect.

    • What if the case study I uploaded has images and other non-textual content?

      MailMentor is designed to extract key pieces of textual information from the case studies. While the main focus is on text, the presence of images or other non-textual content won't hinder the processing.

    • How does MailMentor use case studies to provide social proof in the outreach messages?

      MailMentor pulls historical data and statistics from the case studies to include in the outreach messages. This showcases previous successes and achievements, providing social proof to potential clients.

    • Can I modify the outreach message drafted from the case study information?

      Yes. Once MailMentor drafts the outreach message using the case study information, you have the flexibility to copy, paste, and modify the message as you see fit before reaching out to the prospect.

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