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Frequently asked questions about MailMentor's Prospecting Capabilities

    • What is MailMentor's Prospecting Agent designed for?

      The Prospecting Agent by MailMentor is designed to automate the process of finding potential leads by scraping the internet. It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and web scraping to identify and extract relevant leads based on specific criteria.

    • Do I need an SDR or appointment setter to find leads when using the Prospecting Agent?

      No. The Prospecting Agent eliminates the need for manual lead generation methods like hiring an SDR or buying lead lists. It automatically finds leads by scouring the web, saving you time and effort.

    • How do I specify the type of leads I'm looking for?

      Within the "find leads" section, you can type in specific criteria in the chat interface. For instance, you can specify "real estate agents in Beverly Hills who have sold houses in the last year," and the agent will look for leads matching that description.

    • Can the Prospecting Agent provide leads with a high level of specificity?

      Yes. The agent can delve into detailed parameters, such as identifying real estate agents who've sold properties within a certain timeframe, ensuring you get highly targeted leads.

    • How long does it take for the Prospecting Agent to provide the leads?

      The entire scraping and planning process can take anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes. The time may vary based on the complexity and specificity of the request.

    • Will the leads include contact information like email addresses and phone numbers?

      Yes. When specified, the Prospecting Agent can provide email addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant contact details of the leads.

    • How many leads can I expect from a single search?

      The number of leads generated can vary based on your criteria. While you may get fewer leads, they are highly specific and targeted, ensuring quality over quantity.

    • Is the Prospecting Agent available to all MailMentor users?

      Currently, the Prospecting Agent is in beta and available only to certain accounts on the platform. If you're interested in trying it out, you can reach out to MailMentor for access.

    • Why should I do AI prospecting?

      AI prospecting automates and refines lead generation, delivering high-quality leads quickly and cost-effectively, enhancing your sales pipeline's efficiency and potential.

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