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Grow your business while you help your audience grow theirs. Earn a 30% commission forever on every new paying customer you send up!

Affiliate Partner Program

Ideal for sales enthusiasts who are passionate about discussing sales within their online communities and are eager to earn income while doing so. This includes content creators, influencers, community leaders, or devoted MailMentor advocates.

Reliable Monthly Income
The MRR share is a key highlight of our affiliate program. It means that for every customer you refer to MailMentor, you not only earn a one-time commission for their initial purchase but also continue to receive a portion of their monthly subscription fee as long as they remain a paying customer.
Predictable and Sustainable
This MRR share provides affiliates with a predictable and sustainable income stream. As your referred customers continue to use MailMentor and pay their monthly subscription fees, you receive a percentage of that revenue, ensuring that your earnings accumulate over time.
Compound Earnings
Over time, as you refer more customers and they continue using MailMentor, your MRR share can compound. This means your monthly income grows as your referred customer base expands, creating a snowball effect for your earnings.
Motivation to Build Relationships
Affiliates are motivated to build strong relationships with their referrals to ensure they remain satisfied MailMentor users. This not only benefits the customers but also leads to consistent, reliable income for affiliates.

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