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MailMentor is the AI sales platform that helps you create and send sales messages that convert.

Write and send amazing sales emails

Draft, personalize, and send sales emails with just a few clicks

Select the type, tone, and goal of your message and let the MailMentor write the email for you.

Pro-level sales messages

It's like having a professional sales team without the cost.

Increase responses

Personalized sales messages drive more responses and conversion.

Save time and resources

MailMentor's AI does the work of an entire team for a fraction of the cost.

Get Back to Busines

No more hours wasted trying to write effective sales copy and spend more time on what matters most to your business.

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MailMentor empowered businesses of all shapes and sizes to create personalized sales messages that convert.

    • MailMentor is an impressive product. The case study feature might be the best part.

      Jordi Matsumoto
      CEO at Marching Penguin
    • MailMentor is a very powerful tool that helps us scale our sales team

      Tom Alexander
      CEO at PK4 Media

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  • 1 Generation Per Day
  • 2 Variants Per Generation
  • 1 Case Study
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Premium (Most Popular)

Level up your sales outreach with MailMentor Premium to unlock usage and features for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


  • 20 Generation Per Day
  • 10 Variants Per Generation
  • 10 Contacts Per Generation
  • 5 Case Studies
  • Personal Notes
  • Gmail Integration
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Unlock the unlimited usage and enhanced personalization and support functionality with MailMentor Pro.


  • Unlimited Generation Per Day
  • Unlimited Variants Per Generation
  • Unlimited Contacts Per Generation
  • Unlimited5 Case Studies
  • Personal Notes
  • Gmail Integration
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team.

    • Can I configure how I would like messages to be generated?

      Yes. You can configure the message type, desired tone, and goal to your desired specifications for every message generation. Further personalization is available through contact profiles and case studies.

    • How many message variants can I generate at one time?

      Free plans allow you 1 generation per day with a maximum of 2 message variants per generation. Premium plans allow for 20 generations per day with up to 10 message variants per generation. Pro plans allow for unlimited generations per day with unlimited message variants per generation.

    • How many contacts can I add per message generation?

      The Free plan will allow you to add a single contact for each message generation. Paid plans unlock bulk contact uploads with the Premium plan allowing up to 10 contacts per generation and the Pro plan offering unlimited contacts per generation.

    • What if I do not like any of the generated messages?

      Simply use the generator again to come up with a new set of message variants. Adjust your message generator configurations as needed in order to hone in on the most desirable message outputs for you.

    • How do case studies work?

      MailMentor’s case studies feature allows you to add context about how your product or service has helped other businesses. Personalize your outreach by selecting case studies that are most relevant for each of your contacts and MailMentor’s AI will elegantly integrate them into your message variants.

    • Can I send messages from MailMentor?

      MailMentor currently supports exports to Gmail for Premium and Pro accounts. Alternatively, copy and paste any MailMentor generated message into your favorite messaging platform.

    • How does the free plan work?

      Simply sign up for a MailMentor account under the free plan option and you will gain access to 1 message generation per day, with upt to 2 message variants, and 1 case study to be included within your message variants. There is no credit card required in order to use the Free plan and you can upgrade to a Premium or Pro plan at any time.

    • What plan is best for me?

      Our simple and flexible plans offer unique benefits for your business needs. Get started with a risk-free trial to see if MailMentor is right for you. Still have questions? Chat with us and we’ll help you find the plan that is best suited for you and your business.