Capturing Leads From News Articles

Here's how you can use MailMentor to find leads from news articles

Frequently Asked Questions

    • How does MailMentor extract contact information from news articles?

      The MailMentor AI reads the news article and extracts the relevant information for you. It then will preform of google searches gather more information and loads everything into your database.

    • Is the MailMentor browser extension compatible with all web browsers?

      Currently MailMentor's extension only works on Chrome.

    • Can I export the extracted data to other formats besides CSV?

      Currently, MailMentor supports export to CSV format, which is compatible with most data processing tools. You can also send extracted data to any external system via a webhook.

    • Are there limits to the amount of data that I can extract using MailMentor?

      The number of contacts you can extract depends on the subscription plan you choose. Please refer to our pricing page for details.

    • How does MailMentor ensure the accuracy of the extracted contact information?

      Our algorithm cross-references data with multiple online sources to ensure the highest accuracy. However, as with all automated tools, we recommend verifying crucial information manually.

    • Does MailMentor only work with fundraising announcements, or can it be used for other types of articles?

      While MailMentor excels at extracting data from fundraising announcements, it's designed to work with a variety of online articles containing people.

    • Can I customize the data extraction settings in MailMentor?

      Currently we are focused on this use case but plan on supporting extracting other types of data in the future. Please reach out to support to let us know what data you would like to extract.

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