Finding Podcast Hosts

Use the MailMentor extension to easily find podcast hosts for outreach on LinkedIn. This tutorial walks you through the entire process: from installation to auto-collection of contacts. If you're eager to expand your network or pitch your ideas to podcasters, understanding how to efficiently use MailMentor could be your game-changer.


Frequently Asked Questions About Collecting Data with MailMentor

    • How can I use MailMentor to find podcast hosts?

      By navigating through LinkedIn and targeting profiles with the title "podcast host" or related terms. You can then use the MailMentor browser plugin to extract the contact details of these podcast hosts into the MailMentor database.

    • Is there a browser plugin for MailMentor to help with the collection of podcast host details?

      Yes, MailMentor offers a browser plugin for Chrome (and browsers like Brave that support Chrome extensions) that allows users to easily extract and collect contact details from LinkedIn profiles.

    • Can I automatically collect contact details from LinkedIn using MailMentor?

      Yes, by enabling the "auto collector" or "auto prospector" mode in MailMentor's settings, the tool will automatically collect details from every LinkedIn profile you encounter, streamlining the process.

    • After collecting podcast host profiles using MailMentor, where can I view these contacts?

      You can view the collected contacts in the "collected contact" section of the MailMentor app. The contacts will be stored in your MailMentor database.

    • How long does it take for a contact to appear in my MailMentor database after viewing their LinkedIn profile?

      It usually takes a few seconds for the contacts to show up in the MailMentor database after viewing their LinkedIn profiles.

    • Can I filter the contacts in my MailMentor database to see only podcast hosts?

      Yes, by searching for keywords like "podcast" within the MailMentor platform, you can filter out and display only profiles with "podcast host" in their titles or related terms.

    • How can I use the collected contact information for outreach?

      Within MailMentor, you can select the desired contacts and either export them to a CSV file or add them to a list to reach out through the MailMentor platform.

    • Does MailMentor also provide email addresses for the podcast hosts collected?

      In some cases, MailMentor can collect email addresses for the profiles. Additionally, it provides profiles on the companies and other related details available on LinkedIn.

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