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MailMentor is the all-in-one outreach platform built to help your freelance, studio, or agency businesses discover and close more leads.

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Engage your audience with personalized sales outreach made easy

Our AI powered sales platform provides you with all the tools you need to deliver messages that your audience actually wants to receive.

Configure your message type, tone, goals, and more to customize your AI generated sales messages to your requirements.

Supercharge your conversions – not your costs

Move faster, ideate quicker and engage your audience more deeply with greater efficiency.

Unlock more growth

Boost your sales results

Easily generate new ideas, personalize messages more quickly, and increase the overall impact of your sales outreach.

Be more efficient

Increase your top and bottom lines

Save time and money by growing your revenues without having to recruit and hire costly news sales and creative talent.

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Easily tackle cumbersome outreach tasks and free yourself up to focus on your core business challenges.

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Here's how companies of all sizes are raising the bar for sales outreach

From entrepreneurs to enterprise sales pros, MailMentor makes it easy to drive more sales

    • MailMentor’s personalization features help me tailor my outreach for every partner, which helps me quickly build rapport and stronger relationships from the start.

      Hayley Rose
      Strategic Partner Manager at YouTube
    • Developing new ideas for outreach can be tedious and time consuming. MailMentor helps me focus more time on building client relationships while simultaneously growing my pipeline.

      David Zale
      Account Executive at Salesforce
    • MailMentor is an impressive product. The case study feature might be the best part.

      Jordi Matsumoto
      CEO at Marching Penguin
    • MailMentor is a very powerful tool that helps us scale our sales team

      Tom Alexander
      CEO at PK4 Media
    • Sales outreach is an essential part of my business and MailMentor makes it 10x easier to generate new ideas for effective messaging.

      Suraj Kapoor
      Founder at Pointer Media
    • MailMentor has eliminated my writer’s block.

      Gillian Danick
      Product Marketing Crexi

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We offer simple plans and pricing that can grow with your business


Build your freelance business


  • 1 seat per account
  • Up to 3 concurrent lead searches
  • 100 contact limit per campaign
  • 3 concurrent campaigns
  • Contact enrichment
  • AI email generator
  • Case study builder
  • Google integration
  • Browser plugin
  • Email & chat support
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Studio (Most Popular)

Take your studio to the next level


  • Up to 3 seats per account
  • Up to 5 concurrent lead searches
  • 200 contact limits per campaign
  • 5 concurrent campaigns
  • Contact enrichment
  • AI email generator
  • Case study builder
  • Google integration
  • Browser plugin
  • Email & chat support
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Supercharge your agency’s growth


  • Unlimited seats
  • Unlimited concurrent lead searches
  • No contact limits per campaign
  • Unlimited concurrent campaigns
  • Automated campaigns
  • Contact enrichment
  • AI email generator
  • Case study builder
  • Google integration
  • Browser plugin
  • Dedicated 24/7 support
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, chat with us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

    • How do I configure the outputs of the AI generated messages?

      You can configure the message type, desired tone, and goal to your desired specifications for every message generation. Give your AI generated messages a personal touch by uploading information about each of your contacts.

    • How many message variants can I generate at one time?

      We offer a variety of plans and pricing designed to fit the growing needs of your business. See our plans above for usage limits, or chat with us if you have additional questions.

    • Can I batch create messages for my leads list?

      Our Premium and Pro plans allow for different levels of batch message generation. See our plans above for more details, or chat with us if you have additional questions.

    • What if I do not like any of the generated messages?

      Simply re-run the generator with your existing inputs or adjust your configuration to find desirable message outputs for you. See our plans above for usage limitation, or chat with us if you have additional questions.

    • How do case studies work?

      Case studies allow you to add how your product or service has helped other businesses into your message AI generated messages. Personalize your outreach by selecting case studies that are most relevant for each of your contacts and our AI will elegantly integrate them into each message.

    • Can I send messages from MailMentor?

      We currently support exports to Gmail for users on Premium and Pro accounts. Alternatively, you can copy and paste any message into your favorite email client or customer engagement platform for easy sending.

    • How does the free plan work?

      Our free plan is great for exploring MailMentor to see if it is right for you. There is no credit card required to get started and you can upgrade to a paid plan when you’re ready to take your sales outreach to the next level.

    • Which plan is right for me?

      Our simple and flexible plans easily grow with the needs of your business. Get started with a free plan to explore MailMentor today and upgrade to a paid when you’re ready to unlock even more from the MailMentor platform. Start a chat with us if you have additional questions about our plans.