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Over 4,000 sellers use MailMentor to improve how they work with accounts

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How it works

MailMentor helps you find and connect with prospects. Here is how.

Install / Setup

Equip Your Browser with MailMentor

Install the MailMentor chrome extension to empower your browser. This simple addition will be your gateway to untapped prospects.

Browse and Scan

Let MailMentor Navigate the Web

Browse news articles or any webpage as you usually would. When you come across a page that has information on it you would like to collect, simply open the MailMentor browser plugin to trigger a scan of the page.

Store and Sort

Seamlessly Secure Your Prospects

Once MailMentor finishes its scan, it automatically collates and organizes the extracted leads into a user-friendly dashboard. Here, your unique prospects are safely stored, ready for outreach and engagement. Dive into a trove of leads that aren't found in databases like Apollo or Zoominfo.

What people are saying

From entrepreneurs to enterprise sales pros, MailMentor makes it easy to find and connect with prospects.

    • I really believe in this product the prospecting tools solve an enormous problem.

      Matt Johnson
      Founder at Peak Digital Studio
    • The Prospect Extractor is a great feature. For me, just finding the person's email on their website can be a challenge and MalMentor makes this much easier.

      Daniel Hinton
      Head of operations sFOX
    • MailMentor is an impressive product. The case study feature might be the best part.

      Jordi Matsumoto
      CEO at Marching Penguin
    • MailMentor is a very powerful tool that helps us sell more effectively

      Tom Alexander
      CEO at PK4 Media

Trusted by sellers

Sellers trust MailMentor to find data so that they can focus on closing the deal

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How people are using MailMentor

Our service is designed to fit into your workflow. Here are a few ways that current customers are using the tool

Using B2B Case Studies

MailMentor's chrome extension allows you to automatically incorporate b2b case studies into outreach emails. Take a look at the demo below to see how this works.

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All of the features you need

Find and connect with more customers using the MailMentor AI webscraper

Unlimited Contact Exports
Any contact that you scrape using MailMentor can be exported as a csv or sent to any system that you want via webhooks.
Chrome Extension
Take MailMentor with you! As you browse prospects websites or social media profiles the MailMentor extension is always there to find contacts for you.
AI Sequence Builder
Our sequence builder lets you build sequences of emails with just a few clicks. No more trying to figure out what to say.
Gmail Email Outreach
Connect your Gmail account and reach out to contacts directly from your email inbox.
Scrape Prospects From Any Site
With our AI enabled web scraper, you can scrape the prospects and their contact information from any website.
Availability Incorporation
Message generated by our AI will automatically include availability from your Google Calendar.
Case Study Incorporation
Messages created by our generator will automatically include the most relevant case study for a given contact.
Sales Message Optimizer
Fine tune our sales messages for the best results using our sales message optimizer.
Integrate Using Webhooks
Connect MailMentor up to any external system or workflow using webhooks.

Scrape new prospects and grow your business

Use MailMentor to start scraping new prospects today

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