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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about the objection generator.

    • What is the MailMentor Objection Trainer?

      The MailMentor Objection Trainer looks at information about your company and the company you want to sell to. Then, it makes a list of possible problems or questions that might come up when you talk to them about selling something.

    • How does the Objection Trainer figure out what problems might be brought up?

      The MailMentor tool looks at your website to understand your ideal customer and the issues your product or service can solve. Then, it checks out the website of the company you want to sell to. It tries to match your solutions to their problems and comes up with a list of possible concerns or questions they might have.

    • Can this tool be changed to fit different types of businesses or areas?

      Yes, since the tool gets information from the internet, it can be used for any company that has a website.

    • How good are the objections that the tool comes up with?

      The MailMentor AI works hard to create possible concerns or questions, but it's not always perfect. The main point of this tool is to help you start thinking about how to talk to customers with their issues in mind.

    • Is there a maximum number of objection lists I can make?

      No, there's no limit. You can make as many lists of objections as you need. You'll get an email with a link to see your objections.

    • Does the tool give tips on how to deal with the objections?

      Yes, the AI provides a sample answer to each objection. This is just to help you get started, and you should create your own responses based on the example.

    • Can the tool integrate with CRM or sales software?

      Not at this time.

    • What is the cost of using MailMentor's Objection Trainer?

      This is a free service.

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