Chrome Extension: Version Release Notes

Wednesday, October 04 2023
Jimi Smoot

We've made some exciting new updates to MailMentor. Take a look below to see how the new prospecting browserplugins can help you find prospects on LinkedIn.

  1. LinkedIn Integration: With the recent MailMentor plugin updates, your LinkedIn browsing experience becomes even more powerful! As you browse, the copilot now seamlessly extracts contacts from LinkedIn pages you view and loads them into your prospect database. No more manual entry!
  2. Smart Email Estimation: For every contact you interact with on LinkedIn, MailMentor will find or estimate their email addresses, ensuring you have the most relevant contact information at your fingertips.
  3. Highlighting Case Studies: Due to popular demand, we've added case studies back into the main portion of the browser plugin. This allows for you to find the most relevant case study from any contact by simply clicking opening the browser plugin.

Try out the chrome pluginupdates today.